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I believe in the strength of the senses and, as a communicator, I could not fail to include attentive listening in my productive universe. For it is with it and with it that I also nourish myself, as well as with the rescue of stories and memories. If the images tell stories in an instant, the recorded orality eternalizes, thrills, and slings us at once, see the music. For this reason, I have created two platforms: The Youtube channel named "Sextant" and a Podcast.

Sextant is a navigation instrument, and every Friday there is a new episode on the air. There are talks about the environment, sustainability, and travels. The approach goes into sustainable practices in different themes. 

We have a sexologist, an economist, a choreographer, a historian, an oceanographer, etc... Each one of them, bringing contributions that go from art to science, adventures, and other topics, to reflect and act in this "new world" that we want to (re)build and live.

The highlights of the talks were with Natalie Fee, Calthorpe Hope, Serve the City, among others.

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