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I am moved by my senses. In my performances, I move between intimate images and sounds, as I take my guests along to perceive the silence of beauty, the movement of static, the dance of manoeuvres, and all the poetry contained in this art.

The idea is to give life to my creations - the letters, stories of navigations, photographs, cinema, dance, and missions lived on the high seas, with face-to-face demonstrations. My personal and professional trajectory merges in expressions of light and shadow. The feelings that arise from this interaction reveal that we are powerful beings, able to tell, in different ways, our own history and worldview. That we are capable of transforming our surroundings in the search for the common good.

My work demonstrates the fight for life. While beauty clashes with reality and nature suffers destruction, I invite the world to seek - through art - the healing of the Ocean and the Planet.


Artistic performances

In "Sea Woman", projections are displayed with fragments and words extracted from letters that bring ideas and sensations to the body. In this performance, I bring expressions and sounds of whales that penetrate the soul and highlight the feminine side of the ocean that inhabits each one of us. This is an urgent call to the defense of the oceans. Sea Woman tours have taken place in São Paulo, Tokyo, Amsterdam, and Brussels.


In "Seven Years in Seven Seas", I present stories and body expressions that portray the deep experience I gained in the years spent on the high seas in defence of the environment, including my interactions with pirates off the coast of Somalia. 

In addition, I combine letters, piano, and movement, which lead us to a message in the bottle, a road with no return, and a complete delivery of a mission that has only just begun. 
Traveling tours for this performance have already passed through São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília and Lisbon.


In "What I Need", I talk about how I literally carried a closet full of stories, letters, photographs, clothes, and personal objects as I passed through São Paulo, Estação da Luz and Cracolândia. I offered listening and connection with women, transvestites, and people with highly vulnerable situations. This initiative took place as a single act in the center of São Paulo, in December 2019.

For more information contact me directly!


Photos: @_henrikhoff e Pedro Matallo

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