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The book "Seven Years In Seven Seas" is a journey around the world in defence of the environment and is written as a set of emotional narratives. It is available in print, audio-book, and ebook versions. The launch tour landed in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Brasilia, and Recife, as well as Lisbon and Porto (Portugal) and Coruña (Spain), and included events in New York (USA), Brussels (Belgium), and Amsterdam (Netherlands). 

The work is composed of logbooks that recount ocean crossings, human displacement, overcoming numerous challenges, stories of cultures and peoples, life changing experiences, and activism for a better world. All of this together is compiled over a seven-year period in 50 notebooks across 84 countries.
The accounts bring in detail my days and nights, suns and moons, personal feelings and intrepid adventures.

With seas as home and ports as dormitories, I invite readers to take a seat as passenger-readers. Our passports don’t expire and will have us gaining experience, not just stamps. 

Come embark with me on this journey!

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